Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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About Phoenix Model
Welcome to Phoenix Model. We have specialized in designing and manufacturing Almost-Ready-To-Fly (ARF) R/C model aircraft since 1991. Today, we are the largest and most experienced manufacturer in Viet Nam about producing R/C model aircraft . With over 20 years experience in production and fly testing, Phoenix Model is committed to bring the best quality products and good service to customers. Along with a team of creative engineers and skilled workers, we will always accompany with customers by our great experiences, fully enthusiasm... which will burn our passion!! Joining with us to explore and conquer challenges in the sky ...
Your satisfaction is our success.

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giaconni | 4/14/14 10:15
hi i need to model aermacchi mb339 . i see a video what time is sale. thanks
gianni | 4/13/14 11:10
Hi , i need the instruction manual of Jupiter, i'ts possible to send me for e-mail ? tank
edward | 4/12/14 10:13
gostaria de saber tipo e modelo do motor para o modelo tucano 40 , se algum colega souber estou aquardamdo resposta abrigado
Deon Cornelius | 2/02/14 12:15
Hi, I am from South Africa. I bought the Alpha PH108 and are more than satisfied, this model are of the best build that I have seen on the market so far and flies very good and stable.
Gary | 2/01/14 08:35
Hello I'm from Canada. Love the quality and finish on Phoenix models. Had a Extra300S and a Jupiter. Now flying a Decathlon and a Sukhois SU-31. Only a handfull of Phoenix planes are available in North America. None of them are the war planes which I dearly would like to have.
gord | 4/06/14 05:34
Hi gary Just found Pheonix Model MFG. Wondering where you bought your models. There site doesn't give dealers Thanks Gord Fort Langley BC
Reginaldo | 1/04/14 08:26
Ola alguem aqui fala em portugues?
curzio | 12/31/13 05:12
Hi, I write from Italy. I have bought a Classic 40 trainer some weeks ago; very very good model!
behnam bakhshande | 12/10/13 10:02
hi . i am from iran. your models are high quality. i buy a funstar.
ravi | 12/06/13 09:13
do u have any dealers in india?
vivek | 4/14/14 06:42
You can contact Kartik on RCD is their authorised dealer in India.
danilo | 11/21/13 03:44
hi I write from Italy I'm a fan of modeling and I love your models, the problem is that in Italy they are not when you do get them again?? ​​hope soon compliments' cause these aircraft are fntastici and detailed reproductions I hope to come back soon in Italy
Rj | 11/05/13 10:45
Very, very impressive ... I would love to visit someday ;+)
Sigurd | 11/03/13 05:09
I have got the 6m K8b. Beautyful glider, majestic in the sky. I have two suggestions for improvement: The skid fore and aft on the underside is too weak and should be made stronger/other material/ eventually tailweel and, the tow release should be mounted in the nose, to avoid having to remove the cockpit every time you connect the tow line. All in all though, I am very appy with this mdel, and consider buying the 6,5 meter ASK 21 with SLS.
Ricky | 11/03/13 07:18
I also have one k8b6000. It's wonderfull!
Frank | 10/17/13 06:47
Nice Planes... I fly Katana. Its a good to fly but thats not 3D! I search a Video. I want to see this Model in 3D... All the best from German
fabian | 9/30/13 02:05
i like the ask 21 but phoenix not able to sent 1 kit to the thailand dealer they want sale 4 in one time :-(((((
Ricky | 9/14/13 09:08
Just maiden fly K8b6000 yesterday, It's nice !
Robert | 9/13/13 09:44
Good jobs !
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Welcome to Phoenix Model !

Please take a tour to our  Phoenix Model Manufactory.  To create the model aircraft is not completely based on modern machines.  At Phoenix  Model,  most of the components are handmade by workers  who  have  been  trained  with  the  highest  technical  skill  and professional skill to create the perfect product. In addition,  we  have  invested  in advanced  equipment  such  as  CNC  lathes,  laser cutting machines, plastic injection molding machines .....  to produce high-quality accessories and create  every  product  with  sharp contours sophisticated. Our commitment to customers with the motto:  “Quality of our products with reasonable prices and quality of our services satisfying customers' satisfaction.” Your comments and feedbacks are motivated us to improve our products better and more developed. Thank you for your interest. Sincerely

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