Thursday, May 30, 2024

PH152 - WACO 1,6m 63" ARF 20-26cc

PH152 - WACO 1,6m 63

WACO 1,6m 63" ARF 20-26cc


PH035 - TIGER MOTH 1,4m 55,3" ARF Size .46-.55

PH035 - TIGER MOTH 1,4m 55,3

     Biplanes have always held a special sport in the history of aviation. The new Tiger Moth brings back that unique nostalgia! Features light-weight all balsa construction, fiberglass cowl, wire gear, the Tiger Moth is an extremely durable sport level flyer. This plane is a well designed 46 size. You can fly this plane after few hours of installation. All the hardware are included (servo wire, fuel tank, wheel/landing gear, etc). You only need to separately purchase the nitro engine and radio system.

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