Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Welcome to Phoenix Model. We have specialized in designing and manufacturing Almost-Ready-To-Fly (ARF) R/C model aircraft since 1991. Today, we are the largest and most experienced manufacturer in Viet Nam about producing R/C model aircraft . With over 20 years experience in production and fly testing, Phoenix Model is committed to bring the best quality products and good service to customers. Along with a team of creative engineers and skilled workers, we will always accompany with customers by our great experiences, fully enthusiasm... which will burn our passion!! Joining with us to explore and conquer challenges in the sky ...
Your satisfaction is our success.

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Michael Chamberlain | 7/28/21 04:08
I have the 20cc fw190 ,Stuka ,Corsair and zero they all fly great and were a joy to build .glad to see you have a 80” zero and hope tower carries them so I can get one . Please release a 80 “ wingspan Focke Wulf !!!
Sam | 5/01/17 11:10
Hello to all at Phoenix Model and keep up the good work. I purchased the Phoenix Sonic low and high-wing aircraft and enjoy both very much. Both aircraft are very durable and built with high standards. Also; thank you for thinking of budget-minded fliers like me who don't have a lot of money. Both Phoenix Sonic models had a very good low price so I am able to enjoy flying with the little money I have. Please keep producing the Phoenix Sonic low and high-wing aircraft. I plan to purchase more of these two aircraft in the future, if the need arises. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, QUALITY, and GOOD PRICES. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO !
TL | 4/10/17 02:48
Where can I purchase your kits in Singapore or can I buy direct?
Richard White | 1/12/17 01:27
Hi I live in Australia where can I purchase your models . I am interested in your P51 MUSTANG .46-.55 SCALE 1:7 ½ ARF PH068 PHOENIXMODEL
Gavin H | 2/04/17 05:04
Richard, Try Have got all my Phoenix models from them. Gavin
Gavin H | 11/19/16 11:54
Hi Guys, Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the build quality of your product. Have your Radial Rocket running a 7kw Scorpion heli motor with 5400Mah 12s clocking at over 280km/hr. Keeping designing great planes! GH
john | 10/30/16 11:07
dear sir i have one of your 1/4 scale super cubs pa-18. i have some missing parts mainly the wing strut alloy mounts and bolts i can not get them through the local importer so can i get them from you kind regards john
Paul | 8/16/16 07:29
Here is the Preceptor jet slope soaring off a mountain
Darryl | 6/23/16 11:02
Can you put an 85CC engine on PH115 Volcano 60CC plane? I believe for the weight you can.
Laelson | 5/28/16 03:08
Hi! I'd like to know if the model PH083 (extra 120) would work with a 30cc gas engine! Thanks for now
Jason Wallace | 5/26/16 09:15
When looking to buy a new model I always look at Phoenix models first. I have found the quality is outstanding. I have never been disappointed. In my opinion other makers of rc planes could learn from you. You have a customer for life. One happy customer.....
Bruce | 5/04/16 02:49
I'm in love with your planes! Great planes and great value! Keep up the good work!
Gavin Hitchcock | 4/02/16 04:17
Hi, Just want to say that you do a great job of producing great planes. Just finished my Strega and it flies really well. Keep designing and producing great planes.! GJH Australia.
nick | 10/07/15 01:03
I'm a phoenix model lover.I want to sell your plane in China.What are the conditions.How to trade.english is poor.Please forgive me.Bless you.
Michael | 9/06/15 04:15
Hi, I'm living in Germany and I would like to buy the Spitfire MK2 (PH120). Unfortunately I don't find a shop that has it on their listing. Where in Germany or Western Europe can I buy this plane?
Martin Herling | 6/11/15 10:46
Ich hab.e von einem Kollegen eine KA 8 B mit 3.500 mm Spannweite geschenkt bekommen. Dieses Modell hat er bei der Firma Staufenbiel gekauft. Leider ist die Firma nicht in der Lage eine Plexiglashaube für dieses Modell zu versenden. Denn diese ist leider gerissen. Sie als Hersteller können mir doch bestimmt weiterhelfen. Mfg Martin Herling
Max | 6/09/15 01:46
Hello, I would like to submit this video which contains footage of the 3,5 meter K8b Geetings, Max
marco vargas | 5/24/15 09:23
Hi, how does an edge 540 .91 will flight if i put an xyz 26cc gas engine
calum burgess | 5/22/15 06:56
when will you have the hurricane .46 on sale that you were showing on your videos.
e, crockford | 4/21/15 02:03
will the Yak artf 2/stroke we available again in the U.K
giaconni freund | 4/13/15 08:26
hello, i am interesting to aermacchi mb-339 when this product will be available? thanks.
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Welcome to Phoenix Model !

Please take a tour to our  Phoenix Model Manufactory.  To create the model aircraft is not completely based on modern machines.  At Phoenix  Model,  most of the components are handmade by workers  who  have  been  trained  with  the  highest  technical  skill  and professional skill to create the perfect product. In addition,  we  have  invested  in advanced  equipment  such  as  CNC  lathes,  laser cutting machines, plastic injection molding machines .....  to produce high-quality accessories and create  every  product  with  sharp contours sophisticated. Our commitment to customers with the motto:  “Quality of our products with reasonable prices and quality of our services satisfying customers' satisfaction.” Your comments and feedbacks are motivated us to improve our products better and more developed. Thank you for your interest. Sincerely

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