Wednesday, June 28, 2017

PH020 – YAK54 YAKOVLEV .91/15cc SCALE 1:5 ARF

PH020 – YAK54 YAKOVLEV  .91/15cc SCALE 1:5  ARF


    Part of a new generation of acrobatic aircraft from the Yakovlev design bureau who have a long line of aircraft designs started in 1937 with UT-2/AIR-10. It is a development of the single-seat Yak-55M, designed by Chief Constructor Dmitry Drach and Lead Engineer Vladimir Popov it first flew 23 December 1993.

    A beautifully hand-built scale kit with muscular performance. Features light-weight all balsa construction, Oracover® covering, fiberglass cowl, & aluminum landing gear. The basic plane is lighter, the chassis has been redesigned to prevent movement and flex. The Yak 54 is very responsive and very quick to follow inputs for the pilot. As with the plane comes complete with full accessories. It is completely built, requiring minimum assembly. The Yak 54 is a great plane very well made and very enjoyable.

Technical data

- Wingspan: 1612mm (63.4 in)

- Length: 1496mm (58.9 in)

- Flying weight: 3800-4500 gr

- Wing area: 52.2 dm2

- Wing loading: 78g/dm2

- Wing type: Naca airfoils

- Covering type: Genuine ORACOVER®

- Gear type: Aluminum Hi-grade for main gear and spring wire for tail gear (included)

- Spinner size: Plastic 58mm (included)

- Radio: 4 channel minimum (not included)

- Servo: 6 standard hi-torque servo: 2 aileron; 2 elevator; 1 rudder; 1 throttle (not included)

- Recommended receiver battery: 4.8-6V / 1200-2000mAh NiMH (not included)

- Servo mount: 21mm x 42 mm

- Propeller: suit with your engine

- Engine: .91 / 2-stroke or .91/4-stroke glow engine (not included)

- Motor: brushless outrunner 2000-2200 W, 500 KV (not included)

- Experience level: Intermediate

- Plane type: Scale Aerobatic


- Motor: RIMFIRE .80 (not included)

- Lipo cell: 5-6 cells / 4000 – 5500mAh (not included)

- Esc: 60-100A (not included)


- Capable of both precise and extreme 3D aerobatics

- Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight

- Genuine Oracover covering

- Bolt-on two-piece wing for easy transport and setup at the field

- Removable canopy for easy change lipo battery and set up radio

- Extremely lightweight laser-cut all-wood construction

- Durable factory-painted fiberglass cowl

- Prepainted pilot figure, preinstalled in cockpit

- All hardware included

Colour chart

-  White             (# 21010)
-  Ferrari Red   (# 21023)
-  Blue               (# 21050)
-  Orange          (# 21060)


   -1134mm X 435mm X 213mm (L x W x H)

PH020 – YAK54 YAKOVLEV  .91/15cc SCALE 1:5  ARF

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