Wednesday, February 20, 2019

PH142 - TIGER MOTH GP/EP Size 30-35CC SCALE 1:6 ¼ ARF

PH142 - TIGER MOTH GP/EP Size 30-35CC SCALE 1:6 ¼  ARF


  As the RAF's primary trainer, the Tiger Moth inspired the confidence of fledgling pilots with its exceptionally forgiving flight characteristics.The Tiger Moth went on to become a huge success all over the world and was used by several air forces, it wasn't replaced by the RAF until 1952 when the DH Chipmunk entered service, the "Tiggy" is to this day a very popular choice with pilots all over the world and is known to be rewarding to fly.
   Phoenix Model has brilliantly captured the spirit of the Tiger Moth with this outstanding, giant-scale recreation. Complete with scale rigging wire, wing struts and undercarriage. The removable canopy hatch allows easy access for battery changes should you choose to set this model up with an electric power system. The wings are removable should you want to disassemble it for transportation or storage.

Technical data

- Wingspan: 2270mm (89.4in)
- Length: 1870mm (73. 6 in)
- Flying weight: 8.4-8.9 kg
- Wing area: 154 dm2
- Wing loading: 69g/dm2
- Wing type: Naca profile
- Covering type: OraCover
- Spinner size: scale type (not included)
- Radio: 4 channel minimum (not included)
- Servo:  6 standard hi-torque servo: 2 aileron; 2 elevator; 1 rudder; 1 throttle (not included)
- Recommended receiver battery: 4.8-6V / 1200-2000mAh NiMH (not included)
- Propeller: suit with your engine
- Engine: 30-35cc gas engine (not included)
- Motor: brushless outrunner 2500 W, 250 KV (not included)
- Experience level: Intermediate
- Plane type: Scale Civilian
- Motor: RIMFIRE 1.60 (not included)
- Lipo cell: 12 cells / 5000 – 6000mAh (not included)
- Esc: 80-100A (not included)


- Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight
- Detailed instrument panels
- True-to-scale outline
- Top quality balsa/light plywood construction
- Scale wire rigging
- All hardware included

Colour chart

-  Silver              ( #21091)
-  Ferrari Red    ( #21023)
-  Black               (# 21071)


   - 1509mm X 405mm X 353mm (L x W x H)

PH142 - TIGER MOTH GP/EP Size 30-35CC SCALE 1:6 ¼  ARF