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PH198 - BAE HAWK JET 1,8m 72" W/Tail Pipe and Electric Retract 80N - 100N ARF CARBON

PH198 - BAE HAWK JET 1,8m 72


The Bae Hawk is one of the best known RC jets ever produced. It has been developed to meet the need for an attractive, easy to fly yet fully aerobatic jet sport model suitable for a wide range of turbines with thrust levels of between 80 Newtons (8Kg) and 100 Newtons (10Kg). The structure is built from precision computer cut balsa and ply parts and finished in a high quality film. The Bae Hawk is perfect for a newcomer to jets or a seasoned pilot looking for an 'all around' sports model.

Technical data

- Wingspan: 1830mm (72 in)
- Length: 1765mm (70 in)
- Flying weight: 9800-10000g
- Wing area: 54 dm2
- Wing loading: 180g/dm2
- Gear type: Electric Retract Gear (included) with controller box (included)
- Servo:     - 2 aileron; 2 flap (Mount 21mm X 41mm) (not included)
                  - 2 elevator; 1 rudder; 1 Nose steering (Mount 17mm X 33mm)  (not included)
- Engine: Turbine Jet Engine with thrust 8kg (not included)
- Plane type: Jet Scale


- Electric Retract with CNC Full Metal Suspension Fork Gear included
- Electric Controller Box Retract Gear included
- Jet Fuel Tank With Stopper  included
- Tail Pipe Turbine included
- All Ball Linkages included
- Full-depth cockpit and instrument panel and pilot included
- Removable two pieces fuselage
- Removable Top Hatch Canopy
- Strong Light Weight Construction
- Superb flying characteristics, plus an accurate scale outline
- High-quality hardware package included

Colour chart

-  White             (# 21010)
-  Ferrari Red     (# 21023)
-  Grey               (# 21011)
-  Black               (# 21071)


   -1159mm X 585mm X 398mm (L x W x H)

PH198 - BAE HAWK JET 1,8m 72
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