Monday, February 26, 2024

PH009 - EXTRA 300S 1,45m 57,2" ARF Size .46-.55

PH009 - EXTRA 300S 1,45m 57,2

    The Extra 300S has won the World Aerobatic Championship many times. The full size version flies aerobatics at 300km/h. Phoenix’s Extra is naturally slower but is engineered to perform equally thrilling maneuvers! scale-like model able to perform flat spin, knife edge and many other difficult aerobatics. The Extra 300S is expertly handcrafted from balsa and plywood using only epoxy and CA glues. You can fly this plane after few hours of installation. All the hardware are included (servo wire, fuel tank, wheel/landing gear, etc). You only need to separately purchase the nitro engine and radio system.

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