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PH124 - SONIC HW MK2 1,34m 52,7" ARF Size .25-.32

PH124 - SONIC HW MK2  1,34m 52,7


   The Sonic high wing offers semi-symmetrical maneuverability, making it the highest-quality, easiest-starting and easiest-to-fly trainer in its class. The Sonic high wing is expertly handcrafted from balsa and plywood using only epoxy and CA glues. You can fly this plane after 1-2 hours of installation. All the hardware are included (servo wire, fuel tank, wheel/landing gear, etc). You only need to separately purchase the nitro engine and radio system.

Technical data

- Wingspan: 1340mm (52.7in)
- Length: 1040mm (40.9 in)
- Flying weight: 1800-2000 gr
- Wing area: 27 dm2
- Wing loading: 79g/dm2
- Wing type: Naca airfoils
- Covering type: V-kote film
- Spinner size: Plastic 53mm (included)
- Radio: 4 channel minimum (not included)
- Servo: 5 standard servo: 2 aileron; 1 elevator; 1 rudder; 1 throttle (not included)
- Recommended receiver battery: 4.8-6V / 800-1200mAh NiMH (not included)
- Servo mount: 16mm x 33.5mm
- Propeller: suit with your engine
- Engine: .25-.32 / 2-stroke (not included)
- Motor: brushless outrunner 1200W, 800 KV (not included)
- Experience level: Intermediate
- Plane type: Trainer
- Motor: RIMFIRE .32 (not included)
- Lipo cell: 3cells / 2000-3000mAh (not included)
- Esc: 30-40A (not included)


- Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight
- Strong Light Weight Construction
- High-quality hardware package included

Colour chart

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   - 1019mm X 383mm X 108mm (L x W x H)

PH124 - SONIC HW MK2  1,34m 52,7
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