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PH090 - STINSON 1,6m 63,3" ARF Size .46-.55

PH090 - STINSON 1,6m 63,3


    The Stinson comes out of the box with all kinds of details that have been finished for you, including a factory-painted fiberglass cowl, air scoops, dummy radial engine, painted canopy and pilot, scale strut covers, scale trim scheme and much more. And, the Stinson’s sheeted airframe compares favorably to its full-scale cousin. It helps maintain the model’s strict scale appearance and strong flight performance,  refined finish. It is completely built, requiring minimum assembly. She is a great plane very well made and very enjoyable.

Technical data

- Wingspan: 1604mm (63.31in)
- Length: 1224mm (48. 1 in)
- Flying weight: 2.6-3.0 kg
- Wing area: 37.5 dm2
- Wing loading: 74.5g/dm2
- Wing type: Naca airfoils
- Gear type: Aluminum main gear and spring tail gear (included)
- Spinner size: Plastic 58mm (included)
- Radio: 4 channel minimum (not included)
- Servo: 2 aileron; 1 elevator; 1 rudder; 1 throttle (not included)
- Recommended receiver battery: 4.8-6V / 800-1200mAh NiMH (not included)
- Propeller: suit with your engine
- Engine: .46-.55 / 2-stroke or .52/4-stroke glow engine (not included)
- Motor: brushless outrunner 1000-1400 W, 480 KV (not included)
- Experience level: Intermediate
- Plane type: Scale Civilian
- Motor: RIMFIRE .46-.55 (not included)
- Lipo cell: 6 cells / 4000 – 5500mAh (not included)
- Esc: 50-70A (not included)


- Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight
- Bolt-on two-piece wing for easy transport and setup at the field
- Strong Light Weight Construction
- High-quality hardware package included

Colour chart

-  Ferrari Red   (# 21023)
-  Cream           (# 21012)


   - 1079mm X 325mm X 233mm (L x W x H)

PH090 - STINSON 1,6m 63,3
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